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Mt Washington '07,  Olympic National Park,  July 1, 2007     page 1 / 15

In May I planned to climb Mt Washington. I checked out the the snow conditions from the logging road used for access to the area. Having determined with the binoculars that there were a few snow slides up high, in the area I would likely need to traverse, I opted to delay my climb for a month or so. I headed up recently to try again.

It was apparent that much of the snow had melted since my last visit. Conditions would be fine this time. All I had to do was find the trail...and the route up the hill.

It took little effort to find the 3100-foot trailhead. That was around 9:30 AM. The sun provided a bit of warmth, but the tree cover provided plenty of shade to stay comfortable. The trail began climbing immediately. It would be hard to a stay cool climbing a trail like this one. The steep grade reminded me of the Putvin way trail to Lake of the Angels--very steep, with plenty of roots to trip over! This would certainly take some effort.

A typical section of trail, complete with rocks and roots!