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Cameron Loop,  Olympic National Park,  Sep 11, 2006 - Sep 14, 2006     page 3 / 76

The trail was rather steep initially, but otherwise well graded. It ended with half a dozen switchbacks before reaching Grand Creek. The Three Forks area is named for the fact that three rivers join forces at nearly the same location; Grand Creek, Cameron Creek, and the Gray Wolf river. Three Forks shelter lies in a small clearing just east of Grand Creek. It was there I met a couple of horseback riders. They were enjoying some lunch and resting their horses in the small clearing. It's somewhat customary to exchange itinerary details with other backwoods travelers, and this was no exception. The women had started at Deer Park, and were headed to Falls Shelter for the night. I imagined having to play cat and mouse as we each proceeded up the Gray Wolf trail. I tried not to grimace at the thought! At some point during our conversation, they asked about my view of horses in the back country. I admitted that I was not a "horse enthusiast," and left it at that. After our brief conversation, I continued my hike. Near the shelter, a log footbridge crossed Grand Creek. A junction with the Cameron Creek trail lied perhaps 20 yards beyond.

Grand Creek crossing