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Mt Adams '12,  Mt Adams Wilderness,  Aug 16, 2012 - Aug 17, 2012     page 1 / 48

An interest in climbing Mt. Adams developed within our SAR group. As we began discussing the details, we found mid-August would work. We climbed the peak last week with four in our party: Libby and I, Russ (also a SAR member) and Tom (a friend of Russ').

We headed south, through Portland, then on to Hood River for lunch. Afterward, we drove north to Trout Lake for our required climbing permit. The Ranger in the office had obviously given the climbing briefing thousands of times this season, but it was very well done, very concise.

From Trout Lake we proceeded up forest service road to the Cold Springs Campground parking area, right next to the South Ridge trailhead. The forecast was for warm temperatures: the upper 80s on Thursday, and the lower 90s on Friday. None of us had climbed the peak before, so we all had some minor concerns, and the warm weather simply added to these. Fortunately, it was only 75 at the parking lot at 3:00 pm.

Russ, Tom, Libby and Ron: Ready to climb! (Click Image)