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Snowgrass Flat,  Goat Rocks Wilderness Area,  Aug 14, 2009 - Aug 16, 2009     page 1 / 57

Dad and I had hiked into the Goat Rocks Wilderness area many years ago, and I had been back a couple of times since, but had never taken Libby there. We decided to take a three day trip into the Snowgrass Flat area, making a loop from Chambers Lakes, to Snowgrass Flat, then Goat Lake. Our return brought us down the Goat Ridge trail back to Chambers Lakes.

We started out on Friday, August 14th. Rain had come to western Washington earlier in the week, and there was still plenty of moisture in the air, but the weekend forecast was good.

We hit the trail around midday and hiked an easy four miles into a camp area just below Snowgrass Flat. The fog rolled through camp that evening, providing excellent light for photographs.

A view of the wildflowers near our campsite