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Skyline Trail,  Olympic National Park,  Jul 12, 2005 - Jul 16, 2005     page 1 / 52

My son, Tom, and I set out to hike the Skyline Trail in the Olympic National Park recently. We would begin at the North Fork Quinalt River trailhead, proceed to Three Lakes, then hike the Skyline Trail northbound to Low Divide, somewhat near the center of the National Park. From there, we would walk southbound along the Quinalt River trail. In all, we figured on about fifty miles of hiking, to be completed in six or seven days, with some possible side trips for climbing.

My father and I began this same trip (in the reverse direction) in August, 1992. We were rained out after reaching Lake Beauty. This was my first time back to the area, and I was anxious to see what the high country had to offer.

Tom and I hit the trail around 12:30 PM, Tuesday, July 12. There had been a couple of rain showers during our drive into the park. We expected these, but the forecast was for improvement during the day, as well as the coming week. It was not raining as we set out for Three Lakes.

We quickly passed a fallen tree with an interesting root structure.

Tom poses in front of the roots of a fallen cedar tree