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Shriner Peak,  Mt Rainier National Park,  August 29, 2011     page 1 / 20

From the photo in one of our hiking books, Shriner Peak looked like it would have great views, but Libby and I had never hiked to the top. Kevin, Tom and some of our search and rescue friends climbed it a couple of years ago, but we were unable to participate on that recreational trip. So Libby and I met Russ, another SAR friend at the trailhead for the 3400-foot climb to the summit.

The trail starts out at 2450' in the deep woods of eastern Mt Rainier National Park. Though the trail is a bit steep, it is consistently graded and relatively free of rocks and roots. The trail climbs about 1500 feet in the shade of the woods. Occasional glimpses can be had into the Panther Creek to the south. The forest thins and the views improve during the remainder of the climb.

About four feet of this tree's bark had been recently stripped by a bear. We were not lucky enough to spot him