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Palisades-Ranger Ck Trail,  Snoqualmie National Forest,  July 19, 2012     page 1 / 20

Occasionally, we've planned recreational activities with our search and rescue group. Recently, we visited the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest for a hike. There were seven SAR members present for the event.

The hike was a one-way trek involving a short car shuttle. We began at the Palisades trailhead (#1198) on Washington SR-410, hiked up to Ranger Creek Shelter, then down the Ranger Creek trail (#1197) and back to SR-410, at the Buck Creek parking lot.

The trail began with a steep climb, giving us no chance for warming up. Fortunately, the weather was overcast and cool, though slightly humid.

We made a couple of switchbacks, crossed a small creek or two then found ourselves on the north side of a steep, narrow valley.

Creek along the lower Palisades Trail