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Lake Ozette,  Olympic National Park,  Aug 21, 2000 - Aug 23, 2000     page 1 / 6

We began our camping vacation by driving to the northwest corner of the Olympic National Park to Lake Ozette. The lake is rather large, with a small campground at the north end. Several other campgrounds exist at other points on the lake which are accessible only by boat. Perhaps we'll kayak to one of those someday.

We arrived about 2PM to find that the small campground (14 sites) was already full. It was a great disappointment, but we found a viable solution without much trouble. Down the road, there is a small store and a private campground. While the sites were not nearly as picturesque as the ones we saw on the lakeshore, we did find one to use for a couple of nights.

I surprised the kids with a fishing pole and some basic accessories while we were there. Of course, I haven't fished in years, and didn't know what to tell 'em, but they had been begging to go fishing, so we took the pole and bait down to the dock. Despite not catching a thing, they still had fun.

Kevin fishes very patiently on Lake Ozette.