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Lost Lake,  Snoqualmie National Forest,  Aug 2, 2005 - Aug 3, 2005     page 1 / 20

We got the whole family out for a short backpacking trip last week. An acquaintance of Libby's recommended visiting Lost Lake, outside of Greenwater, Washington. The trailhead is unmarked, found at the end of forest service road 7220, about 15 miles east of Greenwater, or 20 miles northeast of Mt. Rainier. The information some of our maps gave us showed the trail as being about four miles, but it turned out to be about 1.3 miles into the lake, with little elevation gain.

We hit the trail about 11:30AM, on Tuesday, August 2. The trail immediately descends into a creek bed, then climbs again, where it enters second growth forest. The profile climbs and descends a bit, crossing a handful of pleasant creeks, generally parallel and above Lost Creek. Eventually the trail joins the Lost Creek trail. (See map.)

Shortly thereafter, the trail passes just above Quinn Lake. This small, still lake is tucked in the trees, its surface dusted with fir needles. While the surface makes the lake look rather stagnant, the water is quite clear, providing good views to the lake bottom.

Another fifteen minutes and Lost Lake is reached. This large lake sits in a bowl of fir-lined hills at 4000 feet. It is surrounded by grass, and populated by a few fish, a family of ducks, and some other smaller nesting birds. We found a few well-used campsites on the northwest side of the lake. Despite the ease with which this lake was reached, we ended up having the place all to ourselves for the afternoon and evening.

We had a bite of lunch, and set up some of our gear.

Libby, Kevin and I took a walk around the lake. A couple of respectable creeks feed the lake.

Lost Lake. We camped near the right edge of this photo. Click for panoramic view (Click Image)