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Indian Henry's Hunting Ground,  Mt Rainier National Park,  September 4, 2011     page 1 / 19

Libby and I visited Indian Henry's Hunting Ground recently, on the southwest corner of Mt Rainier National Park. I had been there a few times over the years, but she had not. We approached it via the West Side Road and the Tahoma Creek trail.

Much of the first mile follows the old West Side Road. Due to frequent winter washouts, though, this section of road has been closed to motor vehicles for several years. From time to time, however, one might see a park vehicle along this route, though.

The Tahoma Creek trail is no longer maintained by the park service, but is still in fine shape despite being slightly overgrown in areas. The trail follows the northern edge of the riverbed, meandering in and out of the forest. Cedar, hemlock and fir dominate here. Wild huckleberry is also frequently seen. We were fortunate to find plenty of ripe huckleberry for sampling.

Tahoma Creek