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Glacier View Peak,  Glacier View Wilderness Area,  September 2, 2012     page 1 / 9

The weather was quite nice, but my weekend was rather short, so we completed a quick hike on Sunday. We returned to the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, just west of the Mt Rainier National Park.

We've visited Lake Christine and Mt Beljica a few times, but never driven past the Lake Christine trailhead. This time we drove to the end of Road 59, a mere four miles further. We hiked north from there.

In less than a quarter mile, the forest opened up sufficiently to see Mt Rainier in all its glory. Then the trail re-entered the forest, steadily climbing the ridge. In just over two miles, we gained nearly one thousand feet, and found ourselves atop a narrow ridge, surrounded by trees below, and a massive mountain to the east!

Take a look for yourself.

Mt Rainier