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Mt Ellinor '02,  Olympic National Park,  July 9, 2002     page 1 / 16

For several years I've climbed Mt. Ellinor, in the southeastern corner of the Olympic National Park. It is relatively close to home; just two hours drive to the trailhead. It is a nice trip just about any time of year because it is an easy area to get out of if the weather turns sour. It also offers some of the spectacular Olympic views which are usually obtained only after a couple of days of hiking into the interior of the park. The Mt. Ellinor climb can be done in just a few hours. For many consecutive years I hiked the trail to the summit. I realized, however, that I had not been to the top since 1998. It was time to climb the peak again.

This trip was done alone. Libby and the boys were still enjoying a visit to the Oregon coast. I had the day off and the weather was picture perfect. I grabbed a camera and some food and headed out.

The parking area had only a handful of cars upon my arrival. While the lack of vehicles (and people) excited me, I knew there would be more coming. This hike is no secret to Puget Sound hikers. The steep climb was straightforward. The air temperature was comfortable. The sky was clear. Though the hillside still had a significant amount of snow, it was not so much that it required an ice axe. The view from the top was just as outstanding as I had remembered.

The Olympic National Park interior from Mt Ellinor