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Mt Ellinor '00,  Olympic National Park,  June 5, 2000     page 4 / 4

Despite the short aborted hike, we had a good time. It turns out that we also were able to test my new stove once we returned to the car. The very small Snow Peak GigaPower stove did fine boiling water for a cup of soup. It was a bit more affected by the wind than I would have like, however. A mental note was made to be sure to place the stove in a well protected area in the future.

The Mt Ellinor trail gets a lot of heavy use throughout the year, and has recently been adopted by a volunteer group who helps to maintain the trail. Also, a new privy has been installed since I was last there in 1998. It has nearly all the modern conveniences...except, of course, running water and electricity.

The Mt Ellinor trailhead outhouse should last well into the next century, it seems.