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Crater Lake,  Crater Lake National Park,  Aug 16, 2004 - Aug 19, 2004     page 1 / 36

Note: Several of the views seen in the park could not be captured in single images. As a result, I have included several panoramic shots. These are photos composed of multiple snapshots stitched together. Several of these panoramic images appear in the following pages in a reduced size, wide angle format. A larger copy of these wide angle images may be available by clicking on the image, opening a new browser window.

We drove from Lost Lake, via eastern Oregon, to Crater Lake. The drive was a bit slow through Madras and Bend, but different than our typical trips up and down Interstate 5. We arrived at the northern entrance to Crater Lake National Park in the late afternoon. We drove under a couple of strong thunderstorms while on our way, seeing lightning and hearing thunder even while in the car! The weather in the park was beautiful, however.

My first view over the rim of the lake was a jaw dropping one. I had never seen the lake up close before and was amazed at its size and awed by its grandeur. Standing on the rim, roughly 1800 feet over the lake was really quite astounding.

The grand size of the thunderstorm which we'd driven under an hour before is no match for Crater Lake's immensity