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Bailey Range Traverse '14,  Olympic National Park,  Aug 14, 2014 - Aug 21, 2014     page 1 / 117

Tom and I hiked the Bailey Range Traverse (in Olympic National Park) in 2007. After completing that arduous task, I said I'd never do it again, citing the extreme physical demands of the task. However, about two weeks later, after the aches and pains subsided, and the blistered feet healed, I was already considering a return visit.

I made several attempts since thenm often involving out-and-back itineraries, either from the Solduc or the North Fork Quinault trailheads. Due to various reasons, I never completed the traverse successfully....until this year. It seems as though the stars had aligned: I had plenty of vacation time, a decent weather window, enough early season snow to make the trip straightforward, and someone available to assist in a car shuttle.

This review describes my eight-day journey through the Bailey Range.

I must reiterate that this trip is a committed one, especially if done solo. Some skills required for successfully completing the trek include, good map and compass abilities, strong physical endurance, proper use of an ice axe, assessment of snow and ice conditions, and many others. This review serves simply as a report of my experience. I assume no liability for loss or damage caused by use of this information. I am happy, though, to respond to any questions the reader might have regarding this trip.

My wife, Libby, and I began on Wednesday, August 13, driving to Port Angeles to pick up my Wilderness Permit. There I met Ranger Lily, who mentioned that she, too, would be doing the same traverse, with two other hiking companions. She told me to expect to see them on the route. Meanwhile, Libby and I continued to Whiskey Bend, dropping a car where I would emerge from the backcountry a week later.

We spent the night in a campground so that I could get an early start on the first day of my trip.

Ready for my eight-day adventure