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Victoria,  20th Anniversary,  Jun 20, 2004 - Jun 22, 2004     page 1 / 21

In celebration of our twentieth anniversary, Libby and I took a quick trip up to Victoria for a few days. We drove to Port Angeles, then took the ferry across the Strait, arriving right into the inner harbor of Victoria. We stayed at a hotel on the northeastern corner of Mt Douglas Park, overlooking Cordova Bay. A trail into the park began just off the parking lot, so we decided to take a walk. We did not have a map, nor any idea just where we were going, but after 30 minutes or so, we found ourselves on top of the 735-foot Mt. Douglas. This location was outstanding, providing views in all directions. We could see the Olympic mountains, Mt. Baker, the foothills of Vancouver Island, and Victoria, seven miles to the southwest. In addition, Libby could make out some of the Gulf Islands where she and Tom kayaked a few years ago with the scouts.

Cordova Bay in the foreground, with the Gulf Islands in the distance. Scroll right for more.