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Eunice Lake / Tolmie Peak,  Mt Rainier National Park,  Oct 28, 2007 - Jan 1, 1970     page 3 / 20

I followed the 200-foot side trail to Ipsut Pass. I peered over the steep edge of the pass, then continued to Eunice Lake. I stopped briefly when I spotted a young deer just down the hill. She stood there nearly motionless while I watched her. I noted how similar her colors were to the surrounding forest. Amazing camouflage! I was rather surprised to have spotted her. I spotted two other deer along the way.

Shortly after 10:00 AM, I reached Eunice Lake. Despite having visited the lake several times, I still found it to be a stunning location. It is open to the south, but bounded to the north by the steep cliffs of Tolmie Peak.

Eunice Lake just comes into view