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Lake Ozette,  Olympic National Park,  Aug 21, 2000 - Aug 23, 2000     page 3 / 6

Tuesday, August 22, was our day to hike to the coast. From the north end of the lake is a trail which goes out to the Pacific. There are several places to camp on the beach, as well as at the lake, but these require prior reservations. We also would have needed to carry all our gear out there! The 3 mile trail to the coast is nearly all on a boardwalk due to the very wet conditions it experiences throughout much of the year. It proceeds through second growth forests, and prairie-like areas, and finally old growth forests just before reaching the ocean. The beach area is wild and undeveloped. Unfortunately, evidence of human presence can often be seen.

We had a bit of lunch, while watching the surf. The crows had a bit of our lunch as we watched the surf, too. Actually, one just got away with a cheese stick, still in the wrapper.

Tom and Libby enjoy the scenery on the Washington coast.