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Goldfield, Arizona,  Vacation,  October 1, 1999     page 1 / 7

I had a few golden days off at the end of October between trips. These golden days guarantee that the company will not ask me to work during this period, so Libby and the kids used their travel privileges to come to Phoenix to enjoy the summer weather with me.

We visited the Phoenix Zoo one day. It is quite extensive and very enjoyable. Another day we visited the Phoenix Art Museum, where several Monet paintings were on display. We missed this exhibit while it was in Seattle, so we were sure to catch it in Phoenix before it returned to its Paris home.

Finally, we visited an old ghost town about 45 minutes east of Phoenix. It was a bit of a tourist trap, but had plenty of authenticity. Here are some of the pictures taken there.

Goldfield lies at the western base of the Superstition mountains just northeast of Apache Junction, Arizona. It was one of the largest producers of gold in the state in its day. Gold and copper are still mined here today, though on a much smaller scale.

The Superstition Mountains